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New custom package for Lakeland Radio

We recently produced a new custom package for Lakeland Radio. The 8 cut A/C package featured vocals from Mel Williams and Chris Madin.

The latest Lakeland Radio is now available to be resung - click here to hear the package is now here

Our new imaging tool kit,, is now live! AudioSweets is an imaging tool kit consisting of a continuously updated library of beds, promo and sweeper shells, sound design, utilities, breaks, artist drops and song drops. Plus a sweet load of programming elements.

The AudioSweets service has been put together by an experienced collection of imaging producers, station programmers and composers. The result is a service created for radio producers by radio producers – with useful elements, work parts and pre mixed shells allowing users to make some sweet radio whilst save time and money.

There’s thousands of files already on the site – check out the latest demo now or email us for more information.

New AudioSweets demo

As we prepare for the launch of Audio Sweets – our new imaging tool kit – we’ve put together a really cool teaser demo to show off what Audio Sweets has to offer. You can check out the demo and register your interest on and you can follow AudioSweets on it’s own Facebook page.

More PAMS resings for Pick of the Pops on BBC Radio 2

We have recently resung more PAMS cuts for Tony Blackburn’s Pick of The Pops show on BBC Radio 2.

The Pick of the Pops show has been a real hit since it came back on air in January 2011 and the PAMS resings have really helped with the sound of the show.

All the cuts (including the latest batch of resings) can be found by clicking here.

All our PAMS resings are available on the PAMS page by clicking here.

James Macleod taken on as new Project Manager for Australia and Asian Pacific

We have a new member of the S2blue Family – we have taken on James Macleod as Project Manager to represent S2blue in Australia and the Asian Pacific. James has a vast experience in radio, working in the UK for many years before immigrating to Australia. You can learn more about James on our S2blue Family page by clicking here.

New imaging tool kit launching this summer

This summer sees the launch of our new imaging tool kit – Audio Sweets. Audio Sweets is an radio imaging tool kit from S2blue, containing a continuously updated library of beds, promo & sweeper shells, FX package, utilities, stages, breaks, artist drops and vox pops. You can register your interest on

New jingle package for Midlands 103

We have recently produced a new package for Irish station Midlands 103.

The package was made up of cuts from the recent custom package we produced for Spirit FM plus a number of custom cuts.

You can hear the Midlands 103 package by clicking here.

New package produced for Chinese station U Radio

A year on from the first package we produced for Chinese station U Radio they have come back for a brand new package, with a hotter, more contemporary sound.

The latest U Radio package takes highlights from a number of recent custom packages to give it an overall fresh sound.

To hear the latest U radio package click here.

Two new Freenotes Music CDs released

Two new Freenotes albums are to be released on CD - Volume 11 and Volume 4 are the latest physical release from the Freenotes Music production music library.

The albums, which are composed by James Harrington and Steve England respectively, are part of the complete Freenotes Music collection of non-MCPS tracks which are designed for the broadcast industry to be used behind commercials, programmes and promos.

Freenotes CDs are available free to PRS returning UK broadcasters and production houses. Click here to make sure you get copies of the new CDs. You can also download the complete Freenotes Music collection from

Vintage PAMS resings for BBC Radio Ulster

Following on from other BBC stations, including Radio 2 and other BBC Local stations BBC Ulster have commissioned resings of vintage PAMS jingles.

The classic collection of cuts from some of PAMS most famous packages the BBC Ulster cuts are part of nostalgia programming and will sit alongside existing imaging.

All our PAMS resings are available on the PAMS page by clicking here.

Revamp to Studio 2 complete

We have recently completed a revamp to the new Studio 2 which upgrades the studio to Pro Tools, allowing vocals and music to be fully produced in two studios.

The overall revamp leaves us with 4 SADiE studios plus a ProTools 9 system in Studio 1.

More PAMS resings for Radio 2

We’ve recently resung more PAMS cuts for Radio 2 – this time for Tony Blackburn’s show.

The authentic vintage cuts are part of Tony’s ‘Pick of the Pops’ programme which transports listeners back in time whilst playing some real classics.

You can hear the PAMS cuts for Radio 2 by clicking here

Festive imaging package for Sawt El Ghad

Leading up to Christmas we produced an imaging package for Lebanonese station Sawt El Ghad. The package consists of a range of cuts to give their imaging a real festive feel through the holidays and into the New Year.

We used a traditional group for the vocals to give it that time honoured feel.

You can hear the Sawt El Ghad festive cuts by clicking here.

New imaging package for KCFM

As part of the Lincs FM Group we recently sung a new package for KCFM.

The package features a traditional group vocal sound.

You can hear the KCFM cuts by clicking here.

HD webcam installed in the live room

We have recently installed a HD webcam in our live room, allowing clients unable to attend our studios to watch vocal and overdub sessions via Skype or Messenger.

Since installing the webcam we have had clients watching in from China and the Middle East, as well as all parts of the UK. now live

The new Freenotes library music site is now live, with hundreds of free, non MCPS tracks available.

Freenotes Music provides broadcasters, production companies and producers with tracks to use behind all types of production, from TV and radio commercials to imaging and talk over beds.

Register or login to the new site by clicking here.

Custom Imaging Package for Spirit FM

As part of S2blue’s ‘new sound’ we’ve just completed a custom imaging package for Spirit FM. The package features contemporary beds with fresh solo vocals.

Ian Crouch, Programme Controller of Spirit FM said “Working with S2Blue was a real pleasure; they made sure we were happy with every stage of the production. It was particularly useful for us to be able to be at the recording and mixing sessions and give direction on how we wanted the final sound.”

Listen to the Spirit FM package by clicking here

Refreshed Package for BBC Radio Cumbria

We have recently refreshed imaging for BBC Radio Cumbria. The package includes additional cuts, new instrumentation on existing cuts and fresh vocals in a traditional group style.

Ian Timms said "BBC Radio Cumbria had been successfully using a really strong, S2Blue custom package for four years.

We wanted to preserve the heritage of a logo melody you can sing along with and a truly magnificent News build. But we needed something to bring a fresh dimension to the highly used traffic and hour-opener cuts.

The brief called for additional textures to strengthen our speech content and some big band swing idents for nostalgia shows. From Miller to Mika: now that's a full service package!! Simon and Steve wrote just what we asked for."

Listen to the BBC Radio Cumbria 2010 package by clicking here

Custom package for Hi FM

We’ve just produced a new custom imaging package for Hi FM in Oman. The package features S2blue’s ‘new sound’ of fresh and contemporary beat driven beds with fresh solo vocals.

Darren Barrett, Program Manager of Hi Fm said "When we wanted a new station sound, with a nice fresh sound, there was no question who to call. We play a mixture of AC hits from pretty much every genre, and with the smallest of briefs, (S2blue) created what I think is the best package we have had on air yet!"

Listen to the Hi FM package by clicking here

Package Produced for U Radio, China

We have produced our first package for a Chinese station – U Radio, a station owned by Phoenix TV and broadcasts in Shenzhen City, which is in Guangdong Province, China.

The station plays an eclectic mix of music – from contemporary western pop to easy listening and so U Radio chose resings from a wide range of our packages. Cuts came from the recent Mansfield 103.2 custom, our Connect and Lite package and even some cuts from the packages Steve originally recorded for Magic 1152 and the Saga stations.

It was an exciting vocal session for everyone involved, with the station listening and watching the session at our studios via two webcams.

Listen to the U Radio package by clicking here

New Custom Imaging Package for Mansfield 103.2

We have just completed a new custom for Mansfield 103.2 which is part of S2blue’s ‘new sound’ and was a collaboration with Lee Turner. The package features contemporary beds and solo vocals.

Ian Watkins, Managing Editor of Mansfield 103.2 said "S2blue have provided us with a fresh new contemporary sound to be proud of.

The team went to great lengths to provide us with an awesome custom imaging package which immediately enhanced the station's sound.

The whole creative process from original ideas to the finished product was not only seamless but also lots of fun too!"

Check out the Mansfield 103.2 package and see photos of the vocal session by clicking here

Simon on the panel for the Radio Academy’s “Future of radio imaging” event

In April, our Managing Director, Simon Prentice was asked to sit on the panel for the Radio Academy’s “Future of Radio Imaging” event in Manchester. The evening examined all aspects of station imaging past, present and future.

The panel we’re asked to put together some audio of what radio imaging would sound like in 2020. The entire panel agreed it was an almost impossible task to predict what radio would sound like in ten years as who knows what trends, instrumentation and systems will be available by then, but Simon concluded that it is likely to be an interpretation of what has gone before.

Simon worked with one of our composers, Lee Turner, and came up with a fusion of two musical trends from the last twenty years – dub step beats with early 90’s Italian dance piano. You can hear the 2020 cut here and photos of the event can be found on Radio Hub:

Refreshed package for BBC Radio Humberside

We have recently refreshed imaging for BBC Radio Humberside. The package includes additional cuts, new instrumentation on existing cuts and fresh vocals in a traditional group style.

Simon Pattern, Managing Editor of BBC Radio Humberside said "Working with Maurice, Steve and Simon - as well as their amazing team of musicians and singers - was a delight again. They offer fantastically creative solutions to the problems we throw their way - simply understanding how to translate our ideas into reality - they do so quickly and with real flair. We're delighted to continue working alongside the S2blue team and can't wait to get the refreshed imaging on air."

Listen to the BBC Radio Humberside 2010 package by clicking here

New Sound for Kiss Portugal

We have produced a custom package for Kiss FM Portugal featuring fresh, edgy, beat driven cuts mixed with contemporary solos and two part harmony vocals provided by Kim Chandler and Lee Turner.

This is the first of a number of new customs which feature a fresh, new S2blue sound, to fit well with today’s radio.
Check out the Kiss package by clicking here

New Site! New Sound!

We have recently completed a redesign of our website, making it more intuitive and contemporary. We've also added more content than ever before with new demos, photos and extra details.

We are also working a on a number of new custom packages which will feature a fresh, contemporary sound. These will be going live soon so keep checking back on the site for more information. Take a look around and let us know what you think by clicking here Prelaunch

Freenotes is changing and expanding - you can now pre-register for the brand new Freenotes website by going to

We are working with a number of experienced composers to produce many more quality tracks for Freenotes Music so in the coming months we will be releasing more volume CD’s, as well as a new set of themed CD’s.

Freenotes Music is a non-MCPS production music library, offering a wide range of contemporary music for use in all types of radio and TV commercial production. The tracks (and Freenotes CD's) are free and all we ask is that the PRS details are sent to the broadcaster. You can download all the Freenotes tracks by visiting

New package produced at Abbey Road for Manx Radio

S2blue have just produced a new imaging package for Manx Radio, as part of their rebrand.

The new package includes overdubs and vocals recorded at the world famous Studio 2, Abbey Road, London.

In the two days we spent at Abbey Road, we recorded vocals from Kim Chandler and string overdubs by members of the BBC Philharmonic.

Click here listen to the cuts & find out more about the package.

Sound of the 70's jingles recorded for Radio 2

Following on from the jingles we produced for Radio 2's Pirate Johnnie Walker show we've resung some more classic PAMS & JAM jingles for Johnnie Walkers new 'Sounds of the 70s' show' on Radio 2. The show epitomises the whole 70's era and the classic PAMS & JAM jingles lend an authentic sound to the imaging.

Listen to the jingles by clicking here and to find out more about the show or to listen again, click here

Refreshed Package Produced for BBC Oxford

Recently we resung and remixed the BBC Oxford package which we produced a few years ago.

Featuring solo and group vocals the remixed cuts give the package a fresh feel, reflecting contemporary musical trends. Check out some of the remixed cuts by clicking here.

Custom imaging produced for Radio Gibraltar

We recently created a number of custom cuts for Radio Gibraltar to complement their existing package, which we produced a few years ago.

The instrumental cuts were produced for Top of the hour news, events, what's on, weather and travel segments.

Check out the cuts now by clicking here

Package produced for BBC Wiltshire

We've recently produced a new package for BBC Wiltshire. The package was made up of remixes and resings of the BBC Essex package along with a number of custom cuts.

To listen to cuts from package & see photos of the vocal session click here.

Imaging and a Presenter for Pirate BBC Essex

The award winning Pirate BBC Essex hit the airways for the 3rd time over Easter. Not only did we produce a set of PAMS resings for the 2009 broadcast but Steve also hosted a show during the Easter weekend.

You can find out more about Pirate BBC Essex here - Steve's show is also available to listen again by clicking here.

Freenotes Vol. 3 out now including tracks recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

Freenotes Vol. 3 is now available, featuring 33 new tracks including pieces recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London. The CD contains 96 tracks in various styles from up-tempo to Christmas, all with a choice of mixes.

Freenotes is a non-MCPS library, offering a wide range of contemporary music for use in all types of radio and TV commercial production. The tracks (and Freenotes CD's) are free and all we ask is that the PRS details are sent to the broadcaster.

To order your copy of Freenotes Vol. 3 click here or you can download all the tracks by visiting

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